Company profile of the Hegyhat Nonprofit Ltd.

Hegyhat Nonprofit Ltd. was created with the intention of providing adequate accommodation for people with mental deficiency, for the time when they will not be able to take care of themselves anymore and they will need daily care.

Our relationship with mentally deficient people started in 1992, when we established the Foundation. The foundation has proven to be helpful in taking care of them during the weekdays. Later, we continued with the establishment of the Hegyhat Association. The Hegyhat Association provided a variety of sports and recreational opportunities for mentally deficient people. For these now 35-45 year old adults, all of them are on disability pension, lost one or both of their parents and have problems with the cost of living, but have always remained part of Hegyhat Association. In this situation the management adjudged to make a Nonprofit LTD., including a home-accommodation for them.

A few years ago we established the Hegyhat Nonprofit Ltd. with an important task in mind, which is to socialize and teach living skills to each who is involved. This is a guarantee for our members, if we can find a convenient and appropriate house, they will have a home, community and the support they ultimately need.

Every mentally deficient resident will be part-owner of our Ltd. as soon as they move in. This is a unique occurrence in Hungary.

Hegyhat Nonprofit Ltd. received the “public benefit organization” label in the Commercial Court registration!

Our company’s first and most important task is to ensure a property for our plans. Unfortunately, it has not happened yet, but it is a work in progress. The plan is to develop a comfortable home for 8-12 people.

The Hegyhat Nonprofit Ltd. has people who can run this accommodation with all the needs and commitment for people with mental deficiency.

We also provide for-profit activities in Hegyhat Nonprofit Ltd., which has been limited to IT work in recent years. One of our managers is responsible for developing and implementing the IT system for the Shell Oil Company in Hungary.

Under his leadership we are present in the following activities:
- GPS-based vehicle tracking 
- Software design, development
- Secure system administration
- System design creation

We are looking for support and/or job opportunities. If an individual or an organization supports our company with at least USD 25,000 or provides a job opportunity for USD 250,000, our company will invite you and your significant other for a weekend in Budapest. Our managing director would host you and from the time of arrival to return, all of your costs will be covered. Program options can be discussed then.

Some of the income from the for-profit activities will be used to create and maintain the prospective accommodation. As of right now, two of us run the Hegyhat Nonprofit Ltd. and our work is supported by 3-5 external staff members depending on the tasks. Also, we plan to be suppliers to larger IT companies, because we believe that we are suitable for the job.

Contact information:

Name: Hegyhat Social Worker Nonprofit Ltd.
Short name: Hegyhat Nonprofit Ltd.
Address: Hegyhat str. 27. Budapest 1121 Hungary
Register number: 01-09-955179
Tax number: 23147647-1-43
EU Tax number: HU23147847
Phone number: +36-20-224-9922
Bank: UniCredit Bank Hungary
Account number: 10918001-00000062-60930006
Swift code: BACXHUHB

Hegyhát Nonprofit Kft | H-1021 Budapest, Hegyhát út 25-27. | e-mail: